To All Who Have Given Their All

To the People Who Make Hollins,

How can I possibly find the right words of gratitude after a year of being awestruck by the generosity of Hollins alumnae and friends? I am left speechless in surveying the expansive breadth of the impact made by the gifts of everything from volunteered time and thought to capital. Your benevolence has already augmented our experience at Hollins and will continue to do so for many years; I am so proud to be part of a network that is reflective and respectful of its history in order to guarantee the success of its future. The current students of Hollins University are struck with the same wonder in recognition of your efforts to sustain an institution we all love.

It is amazing to think that this overwhelming passion we hold for our academics, our crazy and wild traditions, and our lifelong friendships is shared by so many generations of people who have never lost a love for the green and gold. Due to the generosity that has broken records, every laugh heard in Moody is echoed by one of equal mirth from the past, every zany Tinker Day costume holds a glimmer that shined decades before. We are so excited to be part of a system that is not simply about attending a college but a commitment to a lifestyle and an ideal! The ideal of Hollins is one that—like yours—will follow us beyond time and place, hopefully instilling the same loyalty and love that you have exhibited for years beyond our graduation dates.

Thank you does not seem like enough. Your contributions to sustaining and improving Hollins has changed every student’s life for the better, your dedication to the green and the gold serves as a model for engagement and appreciation. Thank you for taking the time to show us what love looks like. Thank you for demonstrating how we can strive to acknowledge how Hollins has shaped us and allow it to continue being a home to a progressive, lively student body that will one day share the same passion that we all still feel no matter the distance time or space puts between us and Hollins. Thank you for letting us know that the ideal—this love—endures all.

In Gratitude,

Georden West

SGA President 2014-2015


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